Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Talk The Line

Today is Thursday. Today we speak of lines. Already today I've been toeing the line(s). On the on ramp. On the off ramp. At that stoplight. While moving at a crawl. While moving at 60 mph. (That was a fast line, and a little scary when you think about it.) At the courthouse, where I walked in a serpentine line, handed a woman my traffic citation, she looked at it and told me to retrace my serpentine steps and stand in a line at a sign that said D.A. She could have told me to sidle two steps to my right, but no. I had to walk that line. (The D.A. was nice though.) Then I stood in the pay $146 line. Short, so okay, whatever. Back to traffic. More lines, including a dump truck backing up (beep, beep, beep) line. Got to the coffee house and stood in the get coffee, get cheese danish, pay and tip a dollar line. They were pleasant (for a coffee house). Then to the gas station line where I was blocked by some energy drink promoting minivans (go figure), followed by the I just want to pay for this Diet Coke will you please, please, please for the love of Christ pull your head out of your ass, stop talking and ring me up already line. Okay, back to traffic and...more lines. Merging lines, lane closed lines, let's look at the pretty blue sky while talking on a cell phone at a rate of 70 mph and almost crash into me lines, more with the off ramp kind of lines and let's put a party hat on this whole line-ridden morning with the if you think you're getting this parking space you're out of your fucking mind line.

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