Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooray for Science!

Ever heard of a Bow Shock? or the terminal shock for that matter? I'm talking about space here. the solar system. solar winds. space. the sun. billions of miles out in cold, dark space without a single drop of hot cocoa to sip. Voyager 1. yes, Voyager 2 , even. out there. voyaging for discovery. totems of our un-idiocy. reaching out. calculating. sending back information at modem-speed (hey, they're a long way away). They're in the heliopause, in fact. or, one of them is. furthest ever. 26-year long working lunch. no return. science. space. all of it. explosions on the sun traveling millions of miles per second. smacking into lord knows what. the spot where outer space meets inner. hello, there. excuse me. slow down solar wind and let's call it the terminal shock. sure. anything. fine. cause that's science too, right? put your name on a star. MW224AstleyRules. spinning around the galaxy. knocking into other stuff out there. the great eddies. not at all including the one from ohio. or the guitar one. maybe the cruiser head. but i'm thinking more about the tea cups. wind blowing through your hair. zipping around. stomach in your throat. bow shock supreme. santa fe. science. its all over the place. its inner and outer. its behind the aurora and heat and comet tails and behind every dark corner. 'hey, what's that strange sound ? i'm all alone but i'd better check it out.' ...whammo! science. still going . another decade maybe. further. out there. into something. into nothing. doesn't matter, does it? science. ...hooray.

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bliss said...

I don't know what you just said, but I'm totally stoke and definitely on board!