Monday, October 27, 2008

A Fair Time

The North Carolina State Fair. *sigh* I love the fair. And while I no longer feel the need to ride loads of rides (or any of the rides really- c'mon $8 for 15 minutes of standing in line and 45 seconds of fear?) and get no trill out of eating questionable deep friend "food" items, two of the main things that you're supposes to do at the NC State Fair, I could never pass up the experience of going. Now I have a list of things I would like to do when I experience the fair, here, in my now undeniable late twenties.
1- avoid crowds (this means going during the day and missing the fireworks, but I cope)
2- get a $0.50 kosher dill pickle
3- hold a baby animal (I wish the piglets were up for grabs, but a chick or duck will work well too)
4- throw a few baseballs at some beer bottles (therapeutic)
5- honey cotton candy (preferably warm)
6- leave when my feet hurt
I'm pleased to say that I checked each of these off my "Fair Time 08" list
Here are a few highlights:

I was really surprised to see the tea cups designed as tea cups I wouldn't mind owning. Way-to-fair

bliss & baby animal. check.

And how beautiful is this chicken? I'm pretty sure I've seen some textiles that have borrowed this pattern.

And speaking of good design. I wanted to ride this ride simply because i thought it it was pretty and i liked the color scheme. Then we did the aforementioned math ($8 for 45 seconds of dizziness) so I settled for a picture of it.

And then it was offset by this beauty. Disgusting shots of photoshopped food crowed over each other with harsh drop shdaows... ugh.

And finally, the piece de resistance. Honey cotton candy.
It's the best.

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