Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween costumes: a retrospective

Here are some costume highlights from Halloween 08!

You don't get to see scary and cute combine forces too often. And it could only be done by Rocky & Chelsie.

Who knew Phillip could be so delicate.

Here is my old coffee shop co-worker Liza being a very convincing Peter Pan.

The perfect Juno. Our friends Jerry (Paulie Bleaker) and Andrea (Juno McGuff), winners of our "best couple" category.

Seth, the lumber jack on strike. The other side of his sign said, "rainfalls not chainsaws". Love it.

Robot befriends Ugly Betty.
Thank you Lisa (who won for most original) and Sarahrice.

Here's my new desktop. Jonscott doing a remarkable Mr. Tumnus which tied for best all around costume.

Prospector Bob. This costume was difficult to explain to our Japanese foreign exchange friends that came.

This may not be as shocking if you don't know these people, but let me tell you, it was a thorough costume that came with about a pint of bronze foundation, shaved chests, thick accents, and a back story. They won for funniest, though I marked them down for scariest.

I'm a sucker for interspecies merriment. Matt , the winner of the "scariest" award, and Meagan, as a very cute panda,which by the way needed no explanation to our foreign exchange friends :)

My favorite Halloween party co-hosts (mentioned in my Halloween decoration post earlier this month) Megan as a cow girl and Steph as an iPod.

Here's Thurston and I as Mario and a spider (the full on version).

The classic pumpkin by Hiroko and Where's Waldo by May.

If you know Yo Gabba Gabba, this will need no explanation. But in case you're like me and have little exposure to kids shows, this will help. And now that I'm totally in the loop- this family costume is spot on, and the deserving winner (well, tied with Mr. Tumnus) for best costume.

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