Monday, November 24, 2008

The Secret Sheep

For some time now there's been this paint chip in the stair well of my building. I always look forward to seeing it because it looks like little sheep. This secret sheep is located in the front stairwell and I usually use the back since it's closer to where I park. A couple of weeks ago I came home from work and was delighted to see that our doors and stairwells were getting a fresh coat of paint. No longer will our door be that chalkboard green and the walls be flaking and bubbling with decades of paint. It actually makes our place look pretty snazzy. But then I remembered the sheep... I hustled up the steps and crossed through to the other stairwell to check and see if they had painted both, but luckly they hadn’t. *Phew* I nearly missed my opportunity to document it. So before she’s long gone, please take note and enjoy, Secret Sheep.


matt wood said...

is that a blindfold? i'd say that secret sheep looks ready for the firing squad.

bliss said...

take it back. it's clearly her ear.