Friday, September 26, 2008

When I grow up...

I want to be like Wade. Which is why this past weekend I had to try to make Wade's famous sugar cookies. You can already deduce that of course, they were not nearly as delicious as his. But, I had to try. First off, I couldn't use his tried-and-true Kroger brand mix. Blame Clayton for not having any Krogers in town. So, I had to settle for Betty Crocker.
Second, I couldn't remember ever buying cookie sticks, so I had to roll out my dough without them. - which resulted in too-thin, uneven dough. Now I understand the need for the cookie sticks! Funny thing is, when I went in my baking drawer to retrieve my decorating supplies while the cookies baked in the oven, look what I discovered:

Cookie. Sticks. Sigh... If I had only known that my Mom had bought these in... October 1989???

Back when Michaels was actually "MJDesigns". I guess when she let me borrow her assortment of cake decorating tips, she also threw in this package of cookie sticks. Next time.

After baking it was time for the decorating. Which tip do I use?

My laziness at washing my one Wilton-brand reusable bag 3 times for my three piping colors left me creating my own piping bags out of Wilton's parchment triangles. Word of caution, if you do not roll the top of the bag down properly, icing will ooze out the top, down your hand and then all over your freshly decorated cookies. I had to learn the hard way.

The end result. Carolina Tarheel cookies for tailgating at the UNC-Virginia Tech game.

The cookies seemed to be a hit with our tailgating buddies. Though, they have never had real Wade-Lewis sugar cookies, so it's probably an unfair conclusion on the success of my cookies. I think Wade should continue to be McKinney's official cookie-baker. But know that perhaps you too can be successful recreating these tasty treats for your unknowing family and friends!


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that's so funny about the cookie sticks. i've never even heard of cookie sticks. that'll be our next blog's name. and MJ Designs? hilarious!