Friday, September 19, 2008

McKinney Cookies

We all had some great ideas from the beginning on how to announce our blog to the agency. It was agreed that food would be the best crowd pleaser—but it had to be really good food. Trust me, we would not have wanted our blog associated with my tofu soufflĂ© (although I like it). So it was an obvious choice to have Wade make his famous sugar cookies. But it was only after he lugged in plate upon plate of the secret snack that we realized these weren't just sugar cookies. These were custom Mckinney logo cookies! 140 of them! Talk about designer cookies.

They were piled in a basket lined with strips of paper featuring our blog address. The snack area was flooded, and then the applause emails started rolling in. My personal favorite was from julia, titled "thanks for being awesome," and contained the following image.

We all took a deep breath, enjoyed a cookie, and then got back to work.

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