Friday, September 12, 2008

desk d.i.y.

I know I know, wacom tablets are the standard around here but change is hard and I'm pacing myself. Chelsie equated it to learning to drive a stick -something else I can technically do, but with little confidence- I suppose if I had to I could reach for the wacom pen as easily as the shifter and lunge and buckle my way down the road of change. But I'm fine right here.
So to accompany my lovely 'mighty mouse' (thanks Tess!) I made a wrist rest to support my stubbornness and, well, my wrist. I cut a simple "C"esque shape out of some fabric, sewed the edges so it was inside out except for a few inches then pulled it through the opening, funneled in a bunch of pearled barley, and hand stitched the hole shut.
Resistance is fun!

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