Monday, September 29, 2008

tall tease solved

About a week ago we posted a picture of matt standing on my desk. And I know you've just had sleepless nights wondering what the answer could possibly be. Well grab your blanket and snuggle down because the answer is C. obtaining new blog fodder.

About my second or third week working here I happened to peer up and notice a few stiff, black, but rather cute, eyes peering back down on me- A row of blue and yellow peeps shared the edge of the lighting fixture with peep snowmen.

regan wood, whose desk I'm preserving, was back doing some freelance while both chelsie and jackie were out and explained it all me. Since I could never be as thorough as someone that has nearly a decade of Mckinney under their belt, we'll save that story for later time. Until then, enjoy these pictures!

Wade has actually added peep ghosts to the line up since this picture.

Nice shot, matt, via jackie's camera.

Please note the dust crowning the heads of these sugary angles.

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