Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Big Ocean Things

My 2 and a half year old son is really into his "sea creatures" right now. especially the shark. He has a great white shark toy and a couple dolphins he employs as stand-ins. these understudies get to play any number of other sharks, such as the "mapo" shark, the "hammohead" shark or the "tigah" shark. that being said, the great white shark often gets to play a barracuda. my son is not too particular about who plays what role. a breath of fresh air, i'd say, in this age of type-casting and flat out wrong-casting. he looks past mere appearance and really lets the animals assume different functions.
Just last week his stingray was a pelican. and a robin got to play a pteradactyl.
in the mornings he likes to look at sharks on the computer. which is no easy task considering that its not easy to find a picture of a great white shark that isn't leaping 8 feet out of the water whilst squishing a seal like a tomato in a vice. many times i just type in nurse shark and whale shark, which are harmless to almost everything and make for a much more g-rated image search.

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