Friday, May 1, 2009


okay okay fine. i'll twitter. i'll update my facebook status, upload new memories to flickr, post on the blog(s), and i'll twitter. there is no excuse for anyone to not know what i'm doing at any time. my life is an open book. despite the obligatory typos it should be an okay read.
they've taken the best part of facebook, and just did that. the status updates. no one can request a lil green patch on twitter, or have a snow ball fight, or send me a drink request. no group, cause, event, or petition invitations. no sesame street feel-o invites, you're cool requests or most lovable person requests. but twitter is really pretty self indulgent. so are blogs. as in, me writing this, i'm assuming there's an audience that cares. the people i'm really interested in keeping up with are my friends. friends i don't get to see during the week and friends have moved away. but what will happen (like myspace and facebook) is that the line on who to follow and who to not follow will be blurred. and i'll end up "following" someone i just sort of knew in high school and through that i'll learn that he/she had eggs for breakfast. riveting.
but until then i'll twitter and and i'll blog about twittering and twitter about blogging and all will be happy.

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