Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lost River Modern

First of all let me say that I have forsaken Mama. She said I could draw, I thanked her and loved and then dropped her. No excuses.

On to the post!
Okay, think of a cabin in West Virginia. Go ahead. Get that picture in your mind.
Is it something like this:

And don't get me wrong, there's a charming quality that this cabin has that is completely appealing to me. It makes me think "rest, nature, quite, simple". All good things. But it also sort of makes me think "indoor plumbing? could a bear get to me? ouch! splinters!"
Enter Lost River Modern.
This is their version of a West Virginian cabin:

Welcome to your modern prefab get-away. There's quite a few of amazing prefab homes these days, but not many that are rented out for the weekend. This little cabin also made it into dwell.
For even more info you can check out the PreFab Project blog on how this came to be.

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