Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whole Foods Earth Month design

About once or twice a week Wade, my-friend-manager-volleyball-team-mate-car-pool-buddy and I stop at Whole Foods on our way into work. It's a nice way to begin the day. I usually get coffee or chai and a muffin and Wade can't resist the spinach and mushroom dish on the hot bar.
It's not too often that I go out of my way to closer inspect design that catches my eye, but this morning I did. And by out of my way, I mean fully extended my arm to reach for their Earth Month/April 2009 Calendar.

One, I'm a sucker for "aged" looking materials.
Two, I've been referred to as a neo-hippie which really just boils down to a preference for organics and recycling.
Three, "Enter For Your Chance To Win" narrowly escapes my attention. As long as I don't have to enter too much information, I try to get something for nothing pretty regularly.
Four, the color scheme is right up my ally. Blue and Greens with a yellow undertone and a splash of red. *sound of kissing the finger tips like a carton Italian chief*

So I would just like to condone the designer/design team that put this together. I saw the calendar. I took it. I read it. I typed in the website. And now I'm blogging about it. This is exactly what they wanted. And I will not deny them what they've earned.

I really hope I win that Energy Star Fridge.

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