Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ray, dear Ray.

Ray Fenwick is a Canadian artist and illustrator who's hand was meant to hold a pen. Maybe the occasional sword, but definitely a pen. I got his book last year, Hall of Best Knowledge and it's wonderful wisps of swirls and lines cradling dark and humors stories spills from every page.

What lead me to this was his hand drawn type and patterns. It's so distinguishable I think I'd recognize it if he doodled on a post it note and dropped it on the ground. Here. In North Carolina. The best part about Ray Fenwick is that he has a flickr site. Okay well maybe that's not is very best attribute, but it certainly makes him obtainable. A fairly serious flickrer like myself appericates that. The following images are ones on his flickr that I can't get enough of.

"This Just In" skateboard made from book covers and deck. This was auctioned off for skate park benefit.


The Final Campaign

Here is an installation he did of loads of drawings of friendship bracelets.


Let's Turn This Into a Math Problem

Seamless Swords Pattern

Thee Battle of Excelsior Gulch Pattern

A Canon of Type Design Pattern

Hacked Flourishes Pattern

Cloud Diaper Pattern

And now you wrap your next gift with a Ray Fenwick pattern. Check out Naked and Angry to order.

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