Tuesday, August 18, 2009

this is hilarious.

I love love love fashion blogs. Street fashion blogs though. Which may seem odd seeing as how right now I'm wearing ugly, very comfortable flip flops, jeans, a tshirt, a slightly baggy cardigan and twisted up hair. Although to my defense I had a cute hat on this morning which I thought was a nice accessory to my mild mannered outfit, but it didn't last.
I am a regular contributor to a flickr pool called wardrobe remix. It's quite fun and sometimes, sometimes, gives me the nudge I need to wear shoes other than my flip flops. I also frequent (as a viewer not contributor) hel-looks (my favorite), the sartorialis, and face hunter.
I recently came across this poster on refinery29, which I'm adding to my fashion blog watch. It is so completely hilarious! I love it. Even in the sort of fashion sub-culture I consider myself an appreciator of there's a lovely hierarchy that can be made fun of.

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