Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The stockings were hung by the handmade, foam core fire place with care.

It all started with the lights.
Thurston and I got these lovely white lights for our winter wedding a few years ago. I loaned them to Lee and Stacy for their rehearsal dinner last spring and was too lazy to ever take them home. So they've just been wrestling with my feet under my desk for the past six months or so.
I tried really hard to wait until December to put them up, but I just couldn't make it. How can you resist a canopy of twinkle lights? Thanks to Matt, well, really Matt's height, we had all the lights up in the blink of an eye!
Then came the small tinsel Christmas tree, which has been under my desk since last Christmas. Emily and I used load of old peeps as ornaments. Along with the random ornaments Matt found in his desk it became a pretty full looking tree.
Then we found the little stockings that Wade gave us last year and thought we needed to hang them from something. That's where the mantel came in. And since you can't have a mantel without a fire place and a fire we had a more involved project on our hands. Matt spear headed the project with help from the rest of us and with a few scrap pieces of foam core and two light-work afternoons later, we had ourselves a cozy fire and fire place.
Oh. And the Santa's mail box was discovered in one of the closets in the studio and I believe that was made by an ex studio member, Zach. So thanks Zach! We're putting it to good use.
We spend more conscience hours at work than anywhere else so may as well make it merry!
We have plans for a foam core wreath and a family portrait too. Maybe even a deer.

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