Friday, October 30, 2009

Studio THRILLS McKinney

Basically the McKinney studio is awesome. For our Halloween costume contest this year, we did a group costume of zombies with a surprise guest, Micheal Jackson (Cha) and preformed the thriller dance. I'm sure there are other, better videos that were taken, but here's what it looked like from the back. It was filmed with a zumi digital which is meant to mimic a super 8. Which means really grainy in low light and no sound. For that super old school feel. I synced music to it as best i could, but the actual audio, complete with cheering co-workers, made it all the more amazing. Thanks to Rachel for filming this for me! And thanks to Julia, Cha, Emily, Karla, & Lizzie for thrilling it up real nice. And a big bummer to Gail who rolled her ankle days before and couldn't par take. We'll do it again for the Christmas party Gail!