Monday, March 9, 2009

A chilly reminder

Today is a glowing 70 degrees with a high of 80. Nearly everyone in the agency is sporting a short sleeve shirt and is skipping around like the hardwoods are daffodils. Well, here's me, the wet blanket, posting icy pictures on a beautiful spring day. And hey, while I'm at it, by Friday, we're back in the 40's so don't put away your winter coats yet.
These are from last week when Matt and I were walking to the deck after work.

bliss: woe, what's that? It's not a man...hole... is it?
mattwood: must be a lady hole.
requisite laughter ensues for days.

these icicles stayed the longest just on this section of wire because that cyclone thingie there blocks the sunrise.

ooooh macro.

this photo's sort of funny. I only noticed these icicles after we walked away and instantly regretted that I didn't go back to take the picture. Since Wade (my carpool partner) was still in the building, I drove to the front from the deck. Got out and went back to take this picture. *insert sigh of relief here*

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