Tuesday, February 10, 2009

foam core fun

There weren't a ton of assignments after the big pitch last week so I decided to practice my foam core cutting skills.

For Kevin, a foam core halberd.

For Jackie, a foam core hot air balloon.

There's no reason for it to say farewell, I just liked the balloon and didn't even notice the message until I was done cutting it out.

For Chelsie, a foam core bird. Didn't do such a great job on this one...

Here's the paper garland I made for Chelsie for her birthday.

Paper garland detail.

For Matt, a cardboard grenade.

This is how it started. During the pitch I made a card board sword. Just for the fun of it. So the next day I decided to make a mate, and Matt convinced me that I needed a sword holder for the two of them.

What can I make you?

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