Friday, January 9, 2009


Work's been kind of slow for me this past week. I know as soon as I type this someone will come by with a huge project, but I'll take my chances. Anyways, thanks to my recent work pace I've come across tons of awesome websites and articles. One being the graffiti artist Banksy. I had seen his stuff before, as I'm sure you have, but didn't know how illusive he was until I watched this interview on you tube. It's hard not to love a social commentary presented in humor and artistic talent. And rats. Don't forget the rats. But my favorite works are the ones he done that incorporate the existing environment. It's one thing to sneak out paint a stencil on a high profile wall, but another to see a blemished wall, or scene, and realize what it's missing. Then go home and make the stencil, come back and make it right. I love that. I love Banksy. I may just have to get buy his book today. Here are a few of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

I love the content of the blog, but. . . Grammar! Please! Spelling! Please! What happened to the famous McKinney standards?

bliss said...

Anonymous eh? C'mon, don't be shy. I've known from an early age grammar and spelling was no where near my forte. Also, I don't think anyone else in the studio remembers we have a blog seeing as how I've been the only contributor for nearly two months. But still, you have a point. It is annoying when things are posted for the public to read with spelling mistakes, my apologies. I'll request Matt or Grealey get right on it.