Monday, November 17, 2008

Having cake and eating it too.

I mean if you have cake, why wouldn't you eat it. Who thought that up? Makes no sense as far as what it suppose to mean.
So I'm using this blog platform to advocate for another blog that I contribute to. Sneaky little... A friend of mine, Michelle Smith, started an online boutique for North Carolina designers/artisans appropriately titled, indieNC. And now, she's started the indieNC blog. On this (other) blog I document what North Carolina is wearing. A warning, this will most certainly be bias to Raleigh since I'm not getting out much these days, but with the holidays coming you may get a slightly wider vierity as Thurston and I travel to Charlotte (him) and Elizabeth City (me). I'm warming up by asking people I know if I can photograph them for a "street style" blog, but once I run out of friends, then aquantences, I'll move on to nice looking strangers. Any one want to volunteer? We could do this long distance I'm sure. You just have to live in NC. And wear clothes.
Also Thurston is contributing a music blog, which he's very excited about and my friends Geoff and Regan are contributing through photography and home style. Basically we've got it all.
So anyways, check it out!

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